Applesauce Cake 


2c. sifted flour                                    c. shortening

1 c. sugar                                       1 1/2c. unsweetened applesauce

tsp.  baking soda                            2 eggs

1 tsp. baking powder                              1 c. raisins (1/2 c. if using dates)

1 tsp. salt                                 

tsp. each:  allspice,                     Optional:

       cinnamon, nutmeg,                      c. chopped dates    

       cloves                                         c. walnuts 

Sift flour and other dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.  Add shortening and applesauce: beat for 2 minutes.  Add eggs; beat for 2 more minutes.  Blend in fruit and nuts.

Bake in a greased 9x9 pan at 350 degrees for 55 or 60 minutes. 

When cool top with ice cream or a favorite icing.

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