This Italian cookie treat is most often made at Christmas time.

I carry them with me for instant energy.

They also taste good any time of the year and make a great cup for desserts at a fancy-schmancy dinner. To make dessert cups, bake the pizzelles a bit less and immediately press into custard cups when you take them out of the iron. When cool, they can be taken out of the custard cups and will hold the shape and act as both part of the dessert and the serving dish at the same time.

Use the Hearty Pancake mixture found at: http://www.dougspalding.com/batter.htm

Use 3 eggs in the recipe, add almond paste or other flavoring to taste and bake in your pizzelle iron. 1 Tbsp makes 1 pizzelle. Different pizzelle irons make different sizes, from 3 to 5. http://www.cooking.com/products/shprodde.asp?SKU=108303

The larger ones can be rolled into a cone for ice cream treats.

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