Corundel Pond, Corinna


            This is another short trip that begins and ends at the same location, so you donít need to place a second vehicle at a different take-out point. As usual I'll give you just enough information to try and get you out on the water yourself.

Corundel Pond was hidden for years behind the old Striarís woolen mill. The site of the mill has been cleaned up as a superfund site and has provided a new beginning for the town of Corinna. Once the mill came down and the river was re-routed, the pond became much more visible. If you take this trip in a leisurely fashion you'll be back at your car in less than 2 hours after paddling all the way around it. On the other hand, you can investigate every little streamlet, have a picnic along the way and make the trip last a fair part of a day. The pond empties into the East Branch of the Sebasticook River and then into Newportís Sebasticook Lake, the outflow of which continues the East Branch of the Sebasticook River all the way to the Kennebec.

            Paddling on any small body or water is always interesting. This time the highlight of the trip was a family of otters cavorting in the water. They didnít seem to be bothered at all by our boats. Eagles soared overhead and ospreys nest nearby, using the pond as a fishing spot. Itís beginning to seem like we see both species wherever we travel now, and especially when weíre paddling slowly on the water. We also noted kingfishers, muskrats and several species of ducks.

            So far this year we seem to have had an abundance of rainy weather and itís easy to stay home instead of heading out to paddle. I've found that so long as itís not a thunderstorm the rain doesnít really bother all that much. Sometimes the scenery is blurred and the world seems primal when wrapped in the early morning mist. As a photographer I find that the light is interesting early in the morning and when itís not full sunshine. Rocks seem less angular, softened by the fog. As the canoe slips quietly through the water, birds and animals appear out of the haze and they are more likely to watch as your boat passes by then to run or fly away as they do in sunny weather.

To reach the pond, turn onto Corinnaís new Main St and pass the new gazebo. Just past the housing complex bear right and go to the end of the access road. Launch there and move your car back a bit so others can launch after you head onto the water

As always, remember to clean any vegetation off your boats before you leave the area so as not to transport invasive plants to the next body of water you visit.

     Enjoy your paddling Ė see you on the water

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