Stump Soup


Use the lower parts of broccoli and/or asparagus for this hearty soup.

Cut into 1-inch pieces and cook until tender, about 2 cups, with just water enough to cover. Puree when cooked. 

While that’s cooking, sauté a half-cup of chopped onions until just browned, and then add to the onions 2 chicken breasts, cut into chunks the size you find comfortable in soup. Sauté the chicken with the onions until just cooked through. 

Make a cup of beige sauce (That’s white sauce made with my 8-grain flour). When the sauce is thick, add a half-cup of good white wine (or not), the chicken and onion and the pureed veggie stumps. Add a cup of thin sliced carrots, heat until the carrots are just tender and serve immediately. You can shake some Parmesan Cheese on if you like.




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